• Off the shelf. Easy to use. Create your own world class supply chain with Navia Hub.

    More accuracy. More visibility. Navia Hub was built from the ground up to untangle the complexity of international supply chains.

    Navia Hub makes your supply chain visible. It’s not just about knowing where your cargo is. We provide the insight you need to take charge of your supply chain, and discover even greater efficiencies for your business.

    By knowing more about your supply chain and seeing patterns – even at the finest level – you can make more informed decisions based on insight.

    Advanced search and presets

    Build complex and conditional searches specific to your workflow, then save them as a preset to generate custom reports.

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    Escalate priority shipments

    When you need to move specific freight faster, Navia Hub gives you the power to activate priority processing.

    Secure documents

    Bring all your documentation for every record together digitally. Easy to find, always in the same place.


    Better forecasts for your labour demands. Better management of inventory. Better understanding of triggers for purchase.

    Custom notifications

    Be notified only when it matters to you.

    Custom milestones

    Replicate your workflow to save time.

    All data

    Get complete visibility down to SKU level.

    Customised reporting to meet organisation requirements with live data

    Set up reporting views specific to your organisational requirements.

    All data points mean more accuracy and more efficiency

    Having both a high-level view and being able to drill down allows you to see what’s important.

    Deep dive into financial metrics down to SKU level

    With more visibility you can optimise reports to truly understand the cost of each product within freight movements, and not just the freight.

    Analyse sourcing channels

    Track the performance of various carriers and suppliers in real time.

    Navia Hub is free for all Navia Freight customers.

    When you use Navia for freight forwarding, you have access to our world-class platform, Navia Hub. Discover how easy it is to set up Navia Hub for your business. Our people are freight-forwarding experts, so we understand your world.


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