• Streamline your contract and purchase order management securely with Navia Connect.

    Navia Connect is a platform for a standardised process between buyers and sellers.

    With our experience in freight over many, we developed a best-practice platform that allows buyers and sellers to negotiate contracts. We call it Navia Connect.

    This not only standardises the process – it makes a complex process easy, even on a global scale.

    Connect with trusted parties

    Invite buyers and seller to connect to your network.

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    Manage SKUs

    Manage your product data and link to contracts.

    Create & manage contracts

    Create contracts in a secure environment with a best practice process

    NConnect revolutionizes contract management with its seamless integration of advanced features, streamlining the entire process and ensuring unparalleled efficiency for businesses of all sizes.


    Customise your workflow and assign contracts automatically.

    Spend less time allocating tasks manually. Ensure your contracts are managed by the right people at the right time.

    Create reusable templates for repeat orders.

    More efficiency built in. Save your orders as a template with one click to be re-used as a starting point next time.

    Track milestones and activity in real time.

    No more waiting for reports. With live data, it works to your schedule, so it’s ready when you want it.

    Digital document trail

    No more spreadsheets, emails and social messages. Each contract stores all the documentation in a digital and secure format.

    Procurement benchmarking & KPIs

    Identify your best-performing partners based on performance indicators.

    Integrated cloud platform

    We look after the hosting, security and management of your data so you don’t need to.

    Reduce the number of communication channels

    No more paper trails or keeping track of negotiations across multiple and outdated platforms.

    Provides 100% transparency

    A single source of truth for both buyers and vendors.

    Notifications as the contract progresses

    Control what notifications you receive. You decide what you need to know about.

    Removes risk & creates accountability

    With a complete picture, you can have complete confidence in each transaction.

    Pay as you go.
    No subscription fees.

    With Navia Connect, whoever initiates the contract pays for the contract as a small, one-time fee.

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