Brand Pattern

The Navia group has been through an extensive re brand over the past 6 months with a Melbourne based agency.  

The centre piece of the rebrand has been to bring multiple brands and global offices together into one. Many ideas and discussions around the core fundamentals of how we structure the re-brand has delivered some really refreshing results.

As the Group has grown, several internal brands have emerged. As we have developed new products, they took on their own teams and their own department. Like cartage is an internal profit centre within our company, many others have taken on the same status. No more prevalent than our IT department. From coders to development crews, custom built tech took this internal team to a completely new level, and with it, its own internal brand. Different parts of the supply chain also took on their own internal teams and brands. Strong growth in the eCom space saw Navia grow significantly in this space, however again, it was another area that had its own space within the group.

Navia is a privately owned company that was established in 2002. From day one, traditional freight forwarding was the corner piece of how we gained customers, and delivered exceptional service to them. 

3PL, off shore warehousing, eCom, IT, visibility, block chain, are all key aspects of our current and future industry. It became visible to us through this re brand journey of how important it was to focus on the company as a group, rather than its various strengths across each department. We offer all aspects of international freight forwarding and supply chain management to our existing and future customers. There is no doubt we are in an incredible competitive industry. A large group of competitors fighting over existing business with few evergreen customers coming to the market. However, with all the technology and advancements, we are a company with a core set of values, with a strong foundation. The car industry has gone through this recently. The movement to electric cars has given the long established car companies some pressure, however, these long established companies had the strong foundations to build upon, and are now making their mark on the industry again. 

So today, we have taken all our internal key functions and put all under the one brand, “Navia”. Even our world class IT platform is just an extension of this. It was the strong foundation of Navia as a freight and logistics company that has given us the ability to build our world class technology platform, and our company. Understanding the strength of that strong foundation was the pivotal moment of our rebrand. 

In order to rebrand, we have had to understand who we are first. We are freight forwarders and we are exceptional at what we do. We move cargo to and from all parts of the world, and we have the ability to provide valuable insights to our customers at a meaningful level. We are enabling our customers to sell their products and be proud of their offering on the world stage, and in order to provide service, we need to love what we do, and in order to do that, we need to remind ourselves what we do.

So, welcome to the new look Navia. We are positive, we have integrity, and we are bright. Our new branding journey has taught us to be proud of our strong foundations that have given us the ability to invest in the future. We will continue to invest, and now do this with more focus than ever before. That is our future proof strategy for us, and our customers.

— Simon Borg, Group CEO