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    Constant innovation.
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    We’ve invested years of research and development in technology to ensure our partners have a competitive edge. Since Navia began, we’ve been an early adopter of technology, and we’ve pushed the boundaries of that technology to drive even greater efficiency. By helping our clients transform their businesses, we’re also transforming our industry for the better.

    Not a service provider.
    A partner.

    Since 2003, we’ve been defined by innovation, transparency, high-performance outcomes and empowered partnerships. Our people live and breathe supply chain. They are committed to providing tailored solutions designed to optimise supply chain processes. Navia is not just a servicer provider, we are your high-performance team working across nine global offices.

    Greater visibility.
    More accuracy.

    Twenty years ago, we recognised the importance of data. That investment now benefits our clients every day. Navia is a fully integrated freight and logistics company delivering empowered outcomes across all aspects of freight forwarding logistics including sea freight, air freight, customs clearance and e-commerce.


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