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    At Navia, we’re proud to be changing our industry for the better. We want to meet anyone who shares our vision.

    If you work in the freight and supply chains, you know it can be frustrating dealing with outdated technology, legacy systems and old-fashioned thinking. In many ways, that’s how Navia came about – from a desire to simply do things better. We’re always looking for like-minded professionals to join us. With offices across Australia, New Zealand and a growing presence in Asia and the US, we pride ourselves on offering a world of opportunity.

    Integrity at our core

    Around the world, around the clock, freight is a fundamental need of modern life. We recognise the value of not just what we are consigned to carry, but also the value of what we do every day. We are proud to help our customers, our partners and each other.

    Positive about possibility

    We are excited about the future of our industry, and we embrace the potential of technological change as a way of making the impossible possible. As the world changes, we think creatively and constantly question how we can make a positive impact.

    Always learning, always improving.

    Our real-world experience fuels our ability to make fast, accurate decisions. At the same time, expertise only goes so far. As a business and as individuals, we are constantly learning, relentless in our drive to provide a better service that benefits everyone.

    Career progression

    Navia is always on the move. We think your career should be too. With an integrated client offering and offices around the world, we’re able to make sure you keep moving in the right direction.

    Parental leave

    We get it. Many of us are parents too. We want to support you however we can to find a work-life balance that works for you, whether that means leaving early, logging on from home or taking time for family.

    Flexible work options

    You’ll find we’re a flexible workplace. After all, international freight and logistics is not a nine-to-five operation. Let’s talk about how you prefer to work – where and when – and let’s create an ideal environment.

    Positive culture

    Work isn’t all work. We genuinely care about what we do, and we care about making sure each of our people enjoys a positive workplace culture around them. Discover why our team continues to grow.

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