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The space will provide for thousands of pallet spaces and hundreds of thousands of SKUs.

We at Navia are proud to announce our upgraded warehouse and 3PL space in Melbourne, Australia. In recent times Navia has seen significant growth in the logistics realm, which has sparked the need for a new space to service our clients. We will be moving to a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Melbourne’s logistics hub: the Melbourne International Airport in Tullamarine, Victoria. This will be in operation from the 1st of April 2024.

Moving our Melbourne operations and HQ into the 9,000 square metre space will allow for greater logistics capability as well as upgraded facilities for operations staff.


While fitting out the new space we have focused on two key concepts: efficiency and sustainability. There are several ways we are aiming to provide for these.

Bonded Warehouse and RACA ApprovalĀ 

Our new facility contains its own bonded facility and RACA approval. Our clients no longer need to move their goods to another facility to either await clearance or be x-rayed. Navia provides for one location to hold goods awaiting clearance, then release and dispatch, all from the same location. This saves clients time managing extra steps in the supply chain as well as saving on transport and warehousing costs. Both will equate to faster (and more importantly) more accurate transit times. This empowers you to make more confident decisions around your supply chain.


Electric Forklifts

By deploying forklifts powered by electricity rather than fossil fuels, we are minimizing the footprint of our warehouse operations on our environment. This is one small step in our overall journey to become more conscious of how logistics can impact climate change.


Solar Panels

Our new facility will hold a 100kW solar panel system on its roof, which will provide on average 350 to 450 kWh of electricity each day. This will account for a significant portion of our electricity usage. The remainder will be mitigated through carbon offsetting efforts.


Proximity to the airportĀ 

By being a part of the Melbourne Airport land itself, we will have near-immediate access to our clients’ goods as they come off the tarmac. This is particularly important for our air freight clients who in many cases use Navia for end-to-end supply chain operations. Now goods can go straight from the plane, into our bonded facility/warehouse for storage or dispatch.

Expanded Capacity

With greater space for pallet and carton storage, this will allow us to provide our already market-leading performance to a wider range of clients. We currently manage 90,000 active SKUs and can pick with 99.99% accuracy, and then dispatch these goods on the same day. Propelling this with thousands of pallet spaces and a greater warehouse area means we’ll be able to do this at scale.

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